Christopher Randolph, MD

Dr. Randolph is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics in the section of Allergy /Immunology at Yale. He is a boarded allergist immunologist in full time clinical practice in Connecticut and a member of the board of directors of the AAAAI and house of delegates of the ACAAI, and fellow of the AAAAI. He is a member of the Joint Task Force and liaison for the workgroup on exercise related asthma and bronchospasm (EIA/EIB). He is current chair of the ADT interest section of the AAAAI. Additionally, Dr. Randolph is former chair of the Sports Committees of the ACAAI and AAAAI. He has published more than 30 abstracts and 20 articles in the field of allergy immunology largely related to sports or exercise related asthma most recently in 2008.


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