JTF on PP Allergy Literature Searches

                  Articles Published 2004-2014

The Joint Task Force of Practice Parameters has always used peer-reviewed published medical articles for the development of our practice parameters and included a complete graded reference list with each parameter. Recently the Institute of Medicine has indicated that all guidelines should clearly state the method used for the literature search including databases searched, number of articles located, articles discarded, and final articles that were used for the published guideline. We are thus refining our process of literature search for each new and updated guideline. The initial step is to have recent libraries for each major allergy topic, which can then be updated and refined by each workgroup as they develop the practice parameter. A summary of the databases searched, search terms used, number of hits, etc.  is listed as a separate report for each topic. The medical librarian conducting the search has removed duplicate and irrelevant article. The JTFPP has financially supported the literature search for the topics of “Rhinitis” and “Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm” during 2014. 

The World Allergy Organization (WAO) is an international umbrella organization whose members consist of 95 regional and national allergy and clinical immunology societies from around the world, including the AAAAI and the ACAAI, the JTFPP sponsoring organizations.  The WAO has recognized the need for providing formatted literature searches for the world-wide committee. Through an unrestricted medical grant, they have complete literature searches for 16 additional allergy topics.

Both the JTFPP and the WAO have agreed to share all 18 referenced allergy topics with medical professionals across the world. There are three reference libraries for each topic area that encompass 1) Clinical guidelines 2) Meta-analysis and systematic reviews, and 3) Randomized controlled trials. Each library is also available in both the EndNote format (used by the JTFPP) and Mendeley (a free internet-downloadable format), resulting in 54 reference libraries available in both formats. There are advantages of each type of format that is explained in more detail on the linked WAO page. Below are the 18 allergy topics that have reference libraries and the linked WAO website page where you can download the reference libraries in the format of your choice.

              Allergy Literature Search Libraries

To access the reference library on a specific allergy topic, please click on the title below. This will take you to the download page on the WAO website. Choose the category of references, e.g., randomized controlled trial, and the reference library format that best meets your needs. There is no limit on the number of libraries that you can download. You will not be able to open the downloaded file unless you have installed either EndNote or Mendeley on your computer. 

Using EndNote and Mendeley Reference Management Systems

EndNote is a software program that can store, recall and cite bibliographic information when composing research papers. EndNote allows writers to easily insert citations while at the same time creating bibliographies in the style of their choice (such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and most others) using Microsoft Word, Apple Pages '09, OpenOffice.org Writer 3 and Mathematica 8. EndNote allows you to attach PDF articles to each reference. You are able to save a compressed library .enlx, which saves the PDF articles along with the references, allowing you to email and share with others.


To start using EndNote, you will need to purchase and download the software program http://endnote.com/product-details/X7 . You can then download and open the compressed EndNote library from this website, one of the “EndNote Program File” libraries, e.g., Anaphylaxis.enlx. When you open the file on your computer, it will decompress and you will have the functional EndNote library file, Anaphylaxis.enl, and the folder holding all the PDF articles, Anaphylaxis.data.

Find it: Search hundreds of online databases and import your existing PDF collection

Store it: Organize and store your research and related notes and files in any way that works for you.

Create it: Use Cite While You Write (CWYW), the bibliography creation technology, to create and format your reports, manuscripts and proceedings.

Share it: Share your research with colleagues and collaborate online.

EndNote 7 is the full package product and works with both the Mac and PC computers and is the most recent version offering many new features over previous versions. The new features of EndNote 7 (X7) and the comparisons of X4, X5, X6, and X7 products can be found at:  http://endnote.com/product-details/X7. For a first time user the cost is $249.95 and $99.95 for those who own a previous version and want to upgrade. Large group discounts are also available. Many US universities and hospitals offer this full package free to students, faculty, and staff members. There is reduced student and academic pricing available for an individual. A free month trial is available for anyone.


International Distributors


Thomson Reuters, the owner company for EndNote partners with companies around the world and offers sales, support and training in many local languages. The Distribution Partners offer expert full-time, in region training and support.


EndNote Training


Thomson Reuters, the EndNote software owner, offer extensive online training, by text, video, and on-line classes. There are over 100 EndNote training videos on YouTube. The training videos can also be downloaded. See: http://endnote.com/training


There is a “Getting Started Guide-Windows” http://endnote.com/training/guide/windows


There is also a “Getting Started Guide- Mac”



Many university and hospital sites also offer their own training manuals and videos. However, the Thomson Reuters always presents the most updated training for the new versions and indicates any incompatibilities when Microsoft Word and other word processing programs and PC and Mac operating programs are upgraded every 1-2 years.




MENDELEY—A free reference manager (http://www.mendeley.com)


1.     Mendeley is a desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. It combines Mendeley Desktop, a PDF and reference management application (available for Windows, OS X and Linux) with MendeleyWeb, an online social network for researchers. Mendeley compares a variety of reference management programs at http://www.mendeley.com/compare-mendeley/. Go to http://www.mendeley.com to set up your free account.


2.     Mendeley Desktop, offers you many of the same functions as EndNote:

·      Automatic extraction of document details

·      Efficient management of your papers

·      Attach PDF articles to references

·      Sharing and synchronization, e.g., on mobile devices

·      A plug-in for citing your articles in Microsoft Word

·      OCR (image-to-text conversion, so you can full-text search all your scanned PDFs)

·      Compatible with Windows Word 2003, 2007, 2010, Mac Word 2008, 2011, LibreOffice, and BibTeX.


3.     Mendeley DOES NOT allow you to have separate libraries, e.g., one library for “Anaphylaxis” and a separate library for “Allergy Immunotherapy”, but will combine all of the references into one single library. This is probably the largest disadvantage as with EndNote you can have an endless number of libraries, each with their own folders and subfolders. With EndNote you can easily combine libraries or move references from one library to another.


However, in Mendeley you can have “Folders” and “Subfolders” which will allow you to organize your library into categories, e.g., Anaphylaxis and “Allergy Immunotherapy”, but this will require some additional manual moving of references. Importing all of our EndNote libraries into Mendeley Desktop will create one very large library in Mendeley.


4.  Once you have set up Mendeley Desktop, you can download and directly import the EndNote XML file into Mendeley.


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