Parameters in Workgroup Development

Stages in the Development Process

Parameters in Workgroup Development


Stages of Development

  • Selection of chair
  • Selection of workgroup members
  • Development of workgroup outline & review by JTF
  • Development & review by workgroup members
  • Preliminary JTF review
  • Final workgroup revisions before submitting to JTF for review

Parameters Currently in Development


Diagnostic Testing



Chair: Dr. Jay Portnoy

JTF Liaison: Dr. Jay Portnoy

Workgroup Members:



John Oppenheimer, MD

Keri Swaggart

Scott Sicherer, MD

Matthew Greenhawt, ND

Corinne Keet, MD


Status: Development & review by workgroup members

Journal for Publication: Journal of Allergy, Asthma, & Clinical Immunology







Chair: Dr. Mark Dykewicz

JTF Liaison: Dr. Dana Wallace


Workgroup Members:

Jonathan Bernstein, MD

Gary Steven, MD

Christina Schwindt, MD

Desiree Larenas-Linnerman, MD

Faith Huang, MD

Michael Kaliner

Ira Finegold, MD

Russell Settipane, MD

Faud Baroody, MD

Timothy Craig, DO

Eli O. Meltzer, MD


Status: This is for the more "traditional rhinitis practice parameter update" which will be considered a review paper. Workgroup members selected, literature search in progress, key areas for updating identified, writing sections assigned to workgroup members. 

Journal for Publication: Annals of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology



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