Parameters in Workgroup Development

Stages in the Development Process

Parameters in Workgroup Development


Stages of Development

  • Selection of chair
  • Selection of workgroup members
  • Development of workgroup outline & review by JTFPP
  • Development & review by workgroup members
  • Preliminary JTFPP review
  • Final workgroup revisions before submitting to JTFPP for review

Parameters Currently in Development


Diagnostic Testing



Chair: Dr. Matthew Greenhawt

JTFPP Liaison: Dr. Matthew Greenhawt


Workgroup Members:

Corinne Keet, MD

John Oppenheimer, MD

Jay Portnoy, MD

Matt Rank, MD

Marcus Shaker, MD

Scott Sicherer, MD

Keri Swaggart

Scott Sicherer, MD

Julie Wang, MD


Status: Development & review by workgroup members; partially reviewed by JTFPP

Journal for Publication: Journal of Allergy, Asthma, & Clinical Immunology




Drug Allergy Traditional Practice Parameter Update


Chair: Dr. Roland Solensky

JTFPP Liaison: Dr. David Khan


Workgroup Members:

Aleena Banerji

Kimberly Blumenthal

Mariana Castells

Elizabeth Phillips

Andrew White



Status: Workgroup members have been assigned writing sections, chair and co-chair are reviewing completed writing sections.  


Journal for Publication: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology


Conflict of Interest documents for workgroup members are available for review.

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